Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016 at DTM event in Hungary

Two sprint races at Hungaroring for the Reiter Young Stars teams. Exciting racing expected due to tight point standings.

A long break after the endurance race at Spa-Francorchamps is over for the Reiter Young Stars Cup. Next stop for the GT4 European Series is the Hungaroring near Budapest for rounds 6 and 7. A closer look at the point standings promises hot racing and an exciting racing weekends in driver´s and team competition.

“I am surprised about the number of really good drivers we have in the RYS Cup. We couldn´t expect that before the season”, says Reiter Engineering team owner Hans Reiter. “Even the drivers, who are bit behind the leading ones only have a gap because of accidents or minus points because of breaking RYS regulations. The speed of all drivers is impressive and it is great for them to show their performance in front of the DTM crowd this weekend. I think we will have to exciting weekends until the season ends.”

Hard fights expected in the male driver competition

After five races and two special exams, the first three drivers are just covered within three oints. Leader in the male point standings Is Marko Helistekangas (RYS Team Pankl), He won the endurance event at Spa-Francorchamps and finished on the podium at Monza and Pau. The Finn could also collect maximum points in the driver change competition and the exam. “RYS series has started very well. During the season there has been completely new tracks for me but the result has been good. Spa was familiar for me and it was easier than the races before. The car with ABS brakes is new for me, but I have learned how to use them. I am looking forward and hope to win the Championship.”

Lennart Marioneck (RYS Team Holinger) is just one point behind Helistekangas. He also scored a victory, podium positions and maximum points in the special competitions. “The Reiter Young Stars Project is a whole new experience for me. Being in a team with young student engineers is a lot of fun but also challenging sometimes. We do mistakes that never crossed my mind, but it´s an excellent way to learn a lot about racing and the work of engineers and marketing people. As a driver i really like the KTM GT4. The handling of the car is great and it´s much more fun to drive than i expected. Also being in a team with a young driver like Tim is very new to me. It’s cool to see how motivated he is and he has shown his pace in the car. Still i need to improve in getting 5 quick laps in. For me the main goal is to keep the level of mistakes very low in the upcoming events to keep the chance to win the RYS Championship, because that is the reason i am competing in this series.

Third with another point behind is the Danish driver Thomas Krebs (RYS Team WP Performance). Several podium finishes plus a victory at the street circuit at Pau were his good results: “It has been great to work with a professional team like Reiter Engineering, who has brought a well-working Young Stars championship to life. As every driver is given the same material, the work with the engineers, set-up, strategy etc. can really make a difference in the end, which is great. I have had my ups and downs until now, but the close competition for the Championship makes you want to work even harder for success. The competition makes everyone rise their game a little further, which is where professional race drivers are made.

The winner of the first ever Reiter Young Stars race at Monza, Cedric Freiburghaus of RYS Team True Racing, is fourth in the driver´s standings, followed by Chris Vlok (RYS Team InterNetX), who nearly stepped onto the overall podium at Spa with his co-driver Immanuel Vinke (11th). Tim Stupple, he started racing just last year, is sixth in the RYS Team Holinger car. The drivers of RYS Team Hohenberg Event, Maciej Dreszer and Mads Siljehaug, are in 7th and 8th position. Jaime Vandenbalck (RYS Team KTM) and Maximilian Voelker (RYS Team KISKA) are closing the Top 10.

There are still 100 points to earn in foru races, so the rankings are still provisional.

Nothing is decided yet in the female driver competition

Although Caitlin Wood (RYS Team KISKA) is the most successful female driver in the female competition of the Reiter Young Stars, it is way too early to lean back for the young Australian. There are still four races to go at Hungaroring and Zandvoort plus an additional exam in Hungary. But Caitlin Wood is more than optimistic for the rest of the season: “So far RYS has been a really great experience, we have been able to race on some of the best tracks in the world such as Monza and Spa-Francorchamps, which really is something special for me coming from Australia. Everyone at Reiter has been really welcoming into the team and have provided ongoing support and encouragement to not only help further my development as a driver but also make me feel a part of the team. It has been a great step for my first year of GT racing coming out of Formula cars and learning all of the skills necessary to become a professional Endurance driver.”

13 points behind is Laura Kraihamer (RYS Team KTM) in second. She has won the opening round at Monza and collected four more podium positions in the following races. Maximum points in exam no. 1 and driver change competition completed her personal story of success.

In third ist he Norwegian driver Anna Rathe of RYS Team True Racing. She collected 81 points out of five races so far. Her season highlight had been a victory at the challenging street circuit in Pau and a third place finish in the endurance event in Spa. “I joined RYS to challenge myself head to head with other racers in what is almost like a one-make series within a full European championship. It’s taken me to some of the best circuits in the world, given me valuable training and experience, and let me develop as a driver. I’m faster going out of it than coming into it, and that was my goal. It’s been a season to remember.”

Rebecca Jackson (RYS Team WP Performance) is in fourth, followed by Doreen Seidel (RYS Team Pankl).

“After exciting first 3 events of new Reiter Young Stars project I’m more than happy of the progress and also success all our drivers and students achieved”, says Reiter Engineering driver coach Tomas Enge. “We have a fantastic battle between both, the girls and also boys where several of them separate only few points. It’s exciting to see who will be the winner and graduate into fully funded GT3 car for 2017 season. “

Tight point standings in the Team´s Championship

The Reiter Young Stars are not only a championship for drivers, but also for engineering and marketing students of universities all over Europe. All teams compete against each other in terms of engineering, fuel calculation or pit stops. Even an exam had to be done by the students at Spa-Francorchamps.

Similar to the driver´s competition, the team point standings are as close as they could be after five events. Two universities, Universität des Saarlandes and FH Aachen, are leading with 240 points on the table. Only nuances between them in single categories. The FH Aachen could score more points in engineering, while Universität des Saarlandes had an advance in pit stops and fuel management.

But even the following teams of Universität Bayreuth, University of Hertfordshire or Wroclav University of Technology are just a couple of points behind in third to fifth. There is still no final decision done, everyone can still fight for the win in the Championship.

Hungaroring – Rounds 6 and 7 of Reiter Young Stars Cup 2016

For the races at the 1986 opened circuit the Reiter Young Stars will change back to sprint race format after having an endurance race at Spa-Francorchamps. Two races of 50 minutes plus one lap have to be done this weekend. Main event on the track near Budapest is the DTM.

4,381 kilometres, 14 corners, a demanding circuit is waiting for the Reiter Young Stars in Hungary. Here is the timetable for the weekend:

Saturday, 24th of September

05.45 pm – 06.45 pm: Race 1

Sunday, 25th of September

09.30 am – 10.30 am: Race 2